What Some of Our Clients Say

Customer service is crazy good!

I've been buying software for 13 years online and this is literally the second testimonial I have ever given to a company.

Sure JROX software is great. This is a given. But what I want to stress is something that isn't immediately apparent after you make a purchase -- and that is customer service.

The customer support at JROX is crazy good! I am serious. I get responses to my emails sometimes in minutes and they are literally available around the clock including weekends!

That is #1 reason why I would recommend their software to anyone. These guys will get their software working for you the way you NEED it to. I am so pleased.. thanks JROX!

Steven -- abcprimetime.com

so far exactly what I am looking for!

Gary D. Holmes

I love This Program. it is the best! Thank you for give me the oportunity to use it.

Darling Cruz

JEM is an amazing piece of software with many built in features, we use it for ALL our eCommerce transactions on our main website. Also, if you need a project customized or custom coded JROX can help with that too and the support is great! I would HIGHLY recommend this software to anyone looking to build a professional eCommerce store online.

Antoine Abney -- indexprints.net

JROX Affiliate Manager is the only one for me

I spent numerous hours researching the top affiliate program scripts out there. My eventual conclusion: JROX Affiliate Manager is hands down, the best.

Then, I even did it again two years later - just to see how the landscape had changed. My conclusion: JRox Affiliate Manager without a doubt remains the BEST affiliate script out there.

On top of that, Ryan and his team provide top-quality, lightning fast assistance when you need it. I absolutely love JROX Affiliate Manager and I'm confident you will too.

Keith Matthew

Bought it for another site and coming back to buy it again because it is so easy to use!

Kira Botkin

Jam Gets Two Thumbs Up!

I just upgraded to Jam 2.0 and it is a great upgrade! The look is eye catching and the features are hard to believe. It's easier to use and more intuitive than before.

Thumbs up to Jrox for this release! I highly recommend it.

Ray Eason -- kernbits.com

Thank you for providing great software

Peter Dunning

I won't recommend any other Affiliate Software!

After struggling for years to find exactly what I needed in an affiliate program, only to be disappointed time after time by either the lack of support, or the lack of features. I am thrilled to say that Jam is by far, the absolute best affiliate software on the market today. Not only are the features second-to-none, but so is the support provided. They are extremely patient in helping their users, and go above and beyond to help get their users up and running. Additionally, Jam is under constant development, and they're always adding terrific new features that you don't even realize you need until they're there! 3 Cheers for Jam!!!

Dianne Fratscher -- wahmsunited.com

Great Support and Perfect Product!

I just wanted to say that I am so happy with this product. I was looking for an affiliate program that gave me more but just couldn't afford it. I found this and it is wonderful! I had a bit of trouble on my end understanding the installation but had instant and constant support. Replies were almost instant and there were many question from me. Support wasn't merely "try this" but actual testing and finally figuring out themselves what I was doing wrong or forgetting. They even setup another integration method for Mal's Ecommerce that I use and implemented it.

And for free? Can't get any better. THANK YOU!

Andrea Ordodi -- bayoubathandbody.net

Just Simple The Best!

I must say that this is the easiest program to set up! The support has been absolutely perfect. I have never had to wait more than 1 day for a respons. Stay Perfect Guys!!

dmwelch -- JROX.COM Forums


Great program, fantastic and prompt support. I was as confused as hell but admin soon helped fix the problem... A great many thanks for your help

I recommend the product and support to anyone !!!!

kiwitrucker -- JROX.COM Forums

Your JAM version 1 is the bomb. Version 2 is even better!

Your JAM version 1 was the bomb. I bought it last year and now I am interested in buying version 2 in the next 2 weeks.

I am now offering jrox affiliate program to all my web customers as a add in. How do I signup for your affiliate program?

rastaclotheskauai.com is where jam version 1 is and emaillistingsoftware.com is where I am downloading JAM version 2 free download for and eventually will buy. Hopefully next weeek.

Cecil Gee -- emaillistingsoftware.com

Is There a Better Affiliate Management Program?

JROX is the best affiliate management program I have ever used!!
-The user friendly display
-The ease of installation
-The flexibility of design
-The dummy proof way of adding promotional tools
-The PRICE!!! (FREE) (If you want to upgrade AFTER 50 affiliates, you should have already made the money to do it!)
-The TOP NOTCH Customer Support!
-And On and On.
I have tried to use other affiliate management programs and they don't HOLD A CANDLE to JROX!!
Thanks for making it easy on marketing professionals!
You have my FULL SUPPORT.
Be Blessed With Success,

Clifton Henry -- octobertenth.com

I had a dream of a very customized, e-commerce sharing affiliate driven web site and jrox made this dream a reality.

For one they took on my extremely challenging project and customized it to suit my businesses specific needs. They took care of my custom programming needs, web design, hosting, as well as my e-commerce/affiliate needs- with JEM.

I called multiple affiliate program software providers that either did not get back to me, said they could not help me (their software did not work that way and they could not customize it for me- or were unwilling to do so) but Ryan and Jerome at jrox.com and Jroxdesign.com were up for the challenge.

They took my custom project on for very reasonable prices. They're trustworthy and hard working, patient-and they have my repeat business for years to come.

Check out the beautiful work they've done helping me to develop my new site: www.blingitonjewelry.com.

Don't bother emailing or calling the rest- jrox is the best.

Carrie Bierman -- blingitonjewelry.com

I have been using JAM for years and have found the software to be excellent no matter what platform I use, and believe me I have used many different platforms.

Daniel Smith

Great Software. I've been using JEM for over 5 years. It's been working great and the support has been excellent

Kurt Annaheim

People, if you are still thinking do you have to buy JROX or not, stop here!

I've bought JAM JROX 2 years ago in 2011. At that time it was V1.6 and was planned to be left behind, and no further updates are planned. So it was on some huge discount, and I decide to buy it, as I need something proven, but not very expensive.

2 years after, 2013. - They send me an email about new JAM JROX V2.0 and give me UPDATE!

Support if fast - they replied to me within a few hours solving my problem. I was forgot which email I use here to get an update, and they find me, point me to that, and voila - I'm now driving V2.x !!!!

In this 2 years wasn't 1 single problem with the old V1.6 so I'm sure V2.x will be the same and much better.

I have a program with ~3000 affiliates, and all works FAST!

Great, great program.

My advice is: buy JAM JROX, spend a couple of days to learn more about it options ( as it has so many and you can use them to customize program to your needs ). Set it ONCE and ENJOY the life! You can be 100% sure it will WORK w/o any need to monitor all the time "something".

These guys ROCKS!

Boris Janevski -- netponuda.com

Awesome Support

Thank you for the extra fast service. Amazing you installed the JROX Affiliate Manager program that soon after my request. Your service is second to none! The software and install look great. I can't imagine any more features I would need to get going.


Glenn Newsome -- WebNetIncome.com

Top Notch Software and Support

Hello, I am brand new to administering affiliate programs. Recently, a marketer approached me and asked if he could market my products. I immediately started searching for an easy way to pay his commissions. After a lot of research JROX Affiliate Manager seemed to be the answer.

I am not a programmer, but I was able to successfully upload and set up the manager. It was very easy! I couldn't believe that it actually worked; I usually have to hire someone to do installs.

I was afraid to tackle the shopping cart integration, so I hired JROX and within an hour they had integrated the shopping cart and updated the software.

Support has been fantastic. If you post a question on this forum it will be answered promptly.

I highly recommend JROX Affiliate Manager. Give it a try, I think you will like it.

David Simons -- EXRN

Great Start!

I want to say that not only do the moderators monitor this board, it looks like they answer questions across other boards where people are using their productslike Zen-Cart or OSCommerce users etc... This is by far one of the best sites/programs for customer service. I'm telling everyone about this, and will become their affiliate so I can help promote their product

Radio_Guy -- JROX.COM Forums

Above and Beyond

JROX goes above & beyond great customer service. I had some custom installations done, My mistake, I backed them up to the web server (NOT Jrox, another one) instead of to my computer. The server crashed and I lost all the changes and the backup too. Jrox was great, sent me the changes they had done for me and told me where to upload them. Thanks again for the excellent customer service.

Teresa Sedmak -- everbrite.net

So far - One of the Best I've worked with

I have worked with *many* affiliate scripts (from matrix, to 2 tier, to one level) and have 90% of the time had to pay for modifications because they just "didn't" do what I needed.

I'm still getting familiar with this software, but so far from what I can see, I'll be able to funnel all of my affiliate programs into *one* site/system!

This really is fantastic software. Take it from someone who has spent *thousands* (and I'm talking mid 5 figures) over the past 10 years. In the past week I tried 3 different scripts (before JAM) to try to accomplish something, then came over to JAM.

You guys get my top rating.

I also love the 50 affiliate limit trial - frankly, you sell your system with that. It allowed me to test again without spending even more money ... (and in the past, throwing it away).

Now I'll be able to complete the payment confidently very shortly

Amber -- JROX.COM Forums

I'm a beginner and was able to get it going, so can you...

I saw this program in cube cart and after a "lucky weak moment" I decided to give it a try, with no experience though I got it going and working.

Great smooth fast working program.

Guess Google and/or others will try to buy JROX soon.

Thanks to JROX for this blessings.

Arnie -- JROX.COM Forums

As Smooth as an Ipad

Just wanted to add my comments here. The JROX Affiliate script and technical support are A1. Over the years, I have downloaded and used a whole range of PHP scripts - some free, some paid for - some good, some bad... but none have been as smooth running or as well supported as this one. The support via this forum is by far and away the best I have recieved (even from those I pay dearly for!). I am honestly looking forward to the time when I receive my 51st Affiliate and I buy the JROX licence... I actually *want* to pay these people!

Thanks for a friendly, fast and very professional!

ps. so happy I also signed up as an affiliate

Johdu -- JROX.COM Forums

JEM Unsolicited Testimonial: For Those On The Fence

I've been programming for the Internet in various capacities since 1997. I've worked on many large scale projects, as well as many big name Internet Marketing "gurus" and other large companies. I've programmed some pretty huge web apps; some of which some of you reading this may have used. Not tooting my own horn, just trying to say I've been there and done that and have a closet full of t-shirts.

JEM is new. In many cases some might report it as being incomplete in some areas. Yet, the core concept of JEM is mature and solidly poised to allow the vendor/merchant/marketer to take full advantage of the Internet of "tomorrow"; as well as of today.

I say this from a programmer's point of view; as I can see where jRox is trying to go with JEM. I made a quick reference to this point in another post, but I'm saying it again here. JEM is one of the only ecommerce web apps on the market today that even comes close to the concept of Event Based Marketing; even IF that wasn't their initial direction. The only other ecommerce web app available today that comes close to this concept is a high end (and high priced) app called InfusionSoft; which costs about $3000 to set up and $300mth.

jRox calls JEM a "shopping cart"; while InfusionSoft calls their app a "CRM that isn't just a CRM". I am looking at JEM as a CRM that isn't just a CRM; as with the added functionality built-in..
- autoresponders PER product/membership built-in
- broadcast lists PER product/membership built-in
- ability to move prospects/clients from one list to another automatically
- built-in cross selling / up selling / down selling via keyword relationships
- extensive affiliate program built-in
- shopping cart built-in
- ability to scale the app out via custom modules
- ability to scale out marketing via affiliates through custom replicated pages
- ability to manage & protect multiple memberships built-in
.. just to name a few advanced functions

The possibilities built into JEM by "default" make me very excited about this app; and this is only the first version.

So, anyone on the fence about JEM. Anyone reading through the forums and seeing the "bug reports", (even from me). Anyone wanting to have a leg UP on their competition in Web 3.0+... should DEFINITELY be seriously thinking about implementing JEM into the core of their business model.

Nuff said.

William Frazier -- Bytepit.com

You can't beat this!

After recently having a major problem with a server and completely losing our JAM the support and service given in restoring the program is second to none !!...Truely outstanding. We are certainly gonna be advertising this program as much as possible and will recommend highly to all of our customers and partners. We can't thank you enough for such a speedy and friendy response. THANK YOU !!!!!!

TNGGroup -- JROX.COM Forums

Just Wonderful

Just Wonderful I have looked around a long time and I am also doing marketing since about 8 years. Jrox affiliate program is outstanding for its price. On top, I have experienced fantastic support - every questions I had was answered and Ryan even helped me with customization.

I highly recommend this program to everybody!

Thomas Herold -- dreammanifesto.com

Great Support and Perfect Product

Finally, I have found a greeeeat affiliates script!

I just want to thank you guys for all the hard work on this project. I also admire your strategy about "buying it after 50 affiliates", very smart, and it allows customers to fall inlove with the script (in a Pringles' style "once you pop, you cant stop"). I will definetly buy it and recommend it to my friends!

Typo -- JROX.COM Forums

Great Support

I have installed JROX.com script today to help my sales.

Even if the installation was pretty easy and smooth, I have some problems configuring my setup. I went to the forum and post my issue.

About 1 min later, I had an answer. The moderator was kind and patient, and even ask me to send my config file to his email to troubleshoot. He fixed the problem in less than 2 min

Great first impression. Amazing fast support. Really reliable and competent staff!

Keep the good work!

Chris -- JROX.COM Forums

A+++++++++ Support

Hello All,

Just wanted to let anyone know who is thinking about trialing any software package created by JROX to go for it. I have been in the IT business for 5 years running my own web development company and i have never seen better service. Emails would always be responded within a few hours. They were always happy to help. Even when i wanted something new added, they didn't say no, they were accomodating!

Fantastic effort and would highly recommend any software these guys have created, on the one basis of their 5 star customer service and support

Good work JROX!

Guy Moore -- twtech.com.au

It is the best and most complete affiliate program.

Hello I am very satisfied with the JAM affiliate program. It is very complete and very easy to handle, even if you have no computer skills, the program also has many video tutorials.

Carlos Dussan -- comderechosdereventa.com

Wow... I can only say Perfect Support + Perfect Script

Let me say that the support and the script is bombastic.

Absolutly perfect thx for all the fast help

Indo -- JROX.COM Forums

Great Support From JROX

I just wanted to say that I am so happy with this product. I was looking for an affiliate program that gave me more but just didn't have the funds. I found jrox and it is great, I had a a few issue when I got started understanding the installation replies from Jrox were instant and very helpful Thanks Jrox and admin Support

Yetta Shirley -- JROX.COM Forums

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